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References in the construction section


Clinet: Thyssenkrupp

In use: Vario F

Construction project in Central Germany. We laid an access road made of heavy-duty slabs to provide optimum traction for the project and the construction site vehicles.


Client: TWF

In use: MRS Heavy

Our heavy duty panel MRS Heavy was used in India for an international customer on a large construction site.

Rotec Berlin

Client: Hering Sanikonzept GmbH

In use: varioMAT 2 und eMat

On an area of 1,100 m², the sensitive surfaces (marble and solid stone) were protected from the transport of a heavy-duty crane and a transport vehicle. The construction area is located in the centre of a housing area in Stuttgart.

Kleh Systems

Client: Kleh Systems

In use: Vario F heavy duty plate 3.000 qm

For the construction of a solar park near Halle Bernberg, the access road was optimally secured by the panels, so that the construction vehicles for the installation of the solar panels have an access path and sufficient traction.

 Rhein Kreis Neuss

Client: Schools Authority City of Neuss

In use: Vario 1+

We placed the new Vario 1+ panel on a tartan track so that the sports floor is not impaired or damaged. This allowed us to ensure that the crane truck with the container delivery can drive over the panels and the pressure load is distributed accordingly.

 Garten und -Landschaftsbau Bremen

Client: Galabau Bremen

In use: varioMat 1+

The new varioMat 1+ panel is profiled on one side and is the solution for gardening and landscaping. The panel can thus be optimally used as an access road and almost completely prevents damage to the field.

Kleh Systems

Client: Kleh Systems

In use: MRS Heavy t Mat und Vario F

For a gas pipeline project on the Elbe, approx. 2 km of construction road were laid as an access road through difficult terrain in the middle of the forest to protect nature and the environment.


Client: Thyssenkrupp

In use: TT panels

On request of Thyssenkrupp we installed 100 TT Panels as access solution for a construction project of STRABAG near Chemnitz.


Client: DOLDTerra

In use: varioMAT F

The new vario F panel is the ideal solution for construction and events, allowing large areas to be laid out quickly and easily. For the customer DOLDTerra the new connection system was in use, which optimizes the load bearing and guarantees the connection of the panels at the same place.

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