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References in the event section

Lüdenscheid Logo

Event: Bautz Festival

Im Einsatz: varioMAT 2 and tMat

4,600 sqm of varioMAT 2 and tMAT were used as floor protection and platform substructure.

 EPS Logo

Event: VIP Event in Potsdam

In use:  varioMAT 2

For a VIP event we installed 550 varioMAT 2 panels as access solution on behalf of eps. The manually laid heavy-duty panel is the optimal solution for the quick and easy construction of access roads in rough terrain.

Event: Autoshow Paris

In use: eMAT

We are also active for our customers in Paris. On behalf of Neptunus, our eMat panels were installed to protect the subsoil and guarantee safe access to the event.

Event: Event in Brilon

In use: TT-Panels, Isotrack L

Our panels provided a safe access and served as walkways to the event.

Event: Electric Castle Event Cluj

In use: Systema, eMAT

The Systema Panels served as an infrastructure, access solution and successfully ensured security for all event participants.

Event: World Youth Day 2016 Cracow Poland

In use: TT-Panels

On behalf of our Polish partner, our products eMAT and tMAT or TT-Panel were used as soil protection and access solution at the World Youth Days in Krakow for the Pope's visit.

Fina Logo

Event: Fina World Swimming Championship

In use: eMAT

For the swimming world championships, parking space and access solutions for the big event were produced with the help of our product eMAT. To ensure a smooth flow and the arrival and departure.

Event: world climate conference 2017 in Bonn / COP 23

In use: eMAT / tMAT

Establishment of access routes for the 2017 World Climate Change Conference in Bonn / COP 23: With our eMAT and tMAT soil protection systems, we provide free access to the project at COP23 in Bonn, thus avoiding damage to the land.

Event: Neversea Festival - Constanta-Romania

In use: TT-Panels / eMAT / Systema / Hexafloor

Construction of rescue and escape routes using TT panels and tMAT panels on the event grounds on the beach and in the backstage area. Set-up of footpaths in the entire event area using eMAT panels, Systema and Hexafloor.

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