Our team will be glad to assist you from the consultation, to the project support up to the processing and realization. We accompany you with advice and action, wherever you need us. Our offers also include the preparation of the documents, as well as the processing of tender specification for your project. Take a look at our videos as pictures speak louder than words.

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Project support

Tailor-made and flexible

Trust in the competence and experience of our team when planning your building projects. We offer a full range of services for short-term or long-term rentals, from preliminary construction site inspections to planning and implementation. Our team will be on hand to provide you with advice and support from the first to the last step. Thanks to our network and our partners we offer you quality at the best prices.

Technical consulting

Do you need support for your building project? We offer the solution.

  • Planning, feasibility analysis, approval procedures, tenders

  • Infrastructure from warehouse to material

  • shipment

  • Staff for assembly and dismantling

  • Planning, implementation and execution of your projects

  • Coordination of all trades

  • controlling

  • postprocessing


Material renting

Reliable and innovative

In the area of access solutions, no wish remains unfulfilled. Our products and the temporary infrastructure speak for itself and provide the right solution for every project.

We also offer you every product for rent, so that your building project is a success and you always have firm ground under your feet with our mobile construction roads. We have the know-how, materials, storage, infrastructure and commitment to ensure that your project is completed on schedule. Whatever you do, with us you are always on safe ground.

Montage Personal

Assembly staff

Possible applications

The assembly and dismantling of any event or construction project requires a fast and flexible assembly team.

This is the only way to effectively save costs while utilizing resources. Our multilingual and experienced employees have the necessary know-how and many years of experience to set up and dismantle your project on time and in compliance with all regulations and standards.


From simple assembly assistants to experienced forklift drivers and project supervisors, we offer you the qualified employees you need for your project from an experienced pool of personnel throughout Europe. From cleaning and maintenance of your material, to transportation and assembly, or even for project-related activities. We are your contact for every area.

Offers and services

You can receive our personnel offers through our partner within the framework of employee leasing or directly from us as a factory service. On an hourly basis, daily flat rate or project-related flat rate agreement.



Planning, logistics and infrastructure for events

Tour planning requires well-organized touring logistics and is an important part of this. This is because tours are now increasingly tightly scheduled, as the main source of income for artists has shifted to live entertainment.


It is not only excellent project management that is required for tours, but also the consistent quality of the infrastructure used. This is because the infrastructure often determines the speed with which productions can be set up and dismantled, particularly in the case of elaborate tour productions and shows.It also plays a major role in safety requirements.

International TOUR PLANNING

Our network is international, allowing us to offer artists and promoters the same standard of infrastructure - for every single event on the entire tour.


Thanks to our touring experience, our staff can actively and professionally support productions right from the start. This enables us to put together the best solutions for the respective local requirements, take regional laws and regulations into account and optimize efficient transport/touring logistics.


CAD design

Professional and customized for every project

CAD planning / CAD drawings are part of every project or event and are the first step in the planning process. A detailed drawing is not only important for determining venue capacities, it is also essential for budgeting the project/event.


For events with seating, a CAD drawing is responsible for identifying price categories for ticket sales. Escape and evacuation plans are essential in order to obtain official approvals. Traffic and parking concepts are also drawn up, as well as visitor flows before and after the event. Safety measures are also an integral part of the work and are included in the CAD planning. We use the CAD drawing to visually implement the artistic and creative ideas of the artists and show designers. This in turn forms the basis for material lists or the calculation of set-up and dismantling work in terms of personnel and machine requirements. Transportation and logistics capacities are also based on CAD planning. Overview plans are also used to coordinate the trades and are indispensable for orientation on event sites.


Project management

Tailor-made and flexible

Tailor-made solutions for planning-intensive projects of all types and sizes Project management, whether for concerts, festivals, sporting events or construction projects, can often be very complex. Elaborate productions with high security requirements have long been standard in the event industry! We professionally implement the ideas from planning to realization. Our many years of experience are a testament to our know-how and we can therefore offer many solutions for events of all types and sizes.

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