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Event: European Championship 2022

In use: Terratile, varioMAT 1+, varioMAT 2, varioMAT 3, Alu-Panel 

For the European championship event we layered 21.000qm ground protection panels at all the sport trades starting at the “königsplatz“ over to the „odeonplatz“ all the way till „Olympiastadion“ and „Audi dome“.
The whole infrastructure for any outdoor event and visitor space took place on our ground protection panels.
We were able to deliver any product to match the individual needs from PVC system panels for a light load, to varioMAT 1+, 2 or 3 for heavier loads or even Alu-Panels for very heavy loads.
More delicate greenery was handled more careful with Terratile.

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Event: Bautz Festival 2022

In use: Alu-Panel

With our new Alu-panel we built up the infrastructure for the Bautz festival 2022.

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Event: Intencity Festival 2022

In use: varioMAT 2 , varioMAT 3 , Systema Cargo , Systema Classic, Terratile

In Craiova (Romania) we built up the whole infrastructure for the Intencity festival.

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Event: Summer Breeze 2022

In use: varioMAT 3 , Systema Cargo , Systema Public

We built up the infrastructure for the Summer Brezen Festival in Ulm by 1.800 qm of heavyweight panels and 3.800 qm of PVC Systema panels.

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Event: GaLaBau

In use: varioMAT 1 , varioMAT 2 , Systema Public

We built the infrastructure for the Expo GaLaBau 2022 in Nürnberg. 

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Event: Nibirii Festival - Düren

In use: varioMAT 2

We delivered for our Client Zeppelin the Infrastructure of the Nibirii festival in Düren. We covered the ground with 1.000 qm of heavyweight Alu-Panels and 5.500 PVC Systema panels. Safety was ensured by our banners and flags and kept things in order.

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Event: Würth Open Air in Künzelsau

In use: Absperrgitterbarriers

We delivered 1.800 qm of the varioMAT 3 at the Würth Open Air on behalf of Zeppelin.

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Event: City marathon in Leverkusen

In use: Barriers

We secured with our barriers the city marathon in Leverkusen.

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Event: Andrea Berg Konzert in Aspach

In use:  varioMAT 3

We built the ground for the stage and the concert with 1.800 qm of the varioMAT 3.

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