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Nasze realizacje w zakresie eventów

 Charles Blume Berlin

Event: Christmas Market, Landsberger Allee

In use: varioMAT 2 / varioMAT F

For our customer and organizer Charles Blume Vergnügungsbetriebe GmbH we laid 3200 sqm of our mobile roads varioMAT 2 and varioMAT F for the Christmas market at Landsberger Allee.

Lüdenscheid Logo

Event: Bautz Festival

Im Einsatz: varioMAT 2 and tMat

4,600 sqm of varioMAT 2 and tMAT were used as floor protection and platform substructure.

 EPS Logo

Event: VIP Event in Potsdam

In use:  varioMAT 2

For a VIP event we installed 550 varioMAT 2 panels as access solution on behalf of eps. The manually laid heavy-duty panel is the optimal solution for the quick and easy construction of access roads in rough terrain.

Event: Autoshow Paris

In use: eMAT

We are also active for our customers in Paris. On behalf of Neptunus, our eMat panels were installed to protect the subsoil and guarantee safe access to the event.

 EPS Logo

Event: Ironman Event

In use: varioMAT 2

The varioMAT 2 Overlap Panels combine an easy installation and the load capacity for heavy loads as an optimal heavy load product for the event industry. On behalf of EPS GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, 2,800 sqm of varioMat 2 were installed for the Ironman event.

 EPS Logo

Event: Parookaville Festival

In use: tk Panels

We set up 461 tk panels on behalf of EPS GmbH to ensure optimal access for the Parookaville Festival.

 Event Lokatin

Event: Airbeat One Dancefestival

Im Einsatz: TT panels

On behalf of Vp.tpa we mounted more than 900 TT panels at the dance festival Airbeat One in 19306 Neustadt. 

 BOS Franken Security

Event: BOS Franken Security

In use: eMat Panels

At an event organised by BOS Franken Security, our eMat panels were created as a temporary solution for access through platforms and access paths.

 Event in Rumänien

Event: Event in Romania

In use: tMat Panels

The access and logistics areas with our tMat panels guarantee carefree working even in bad weather.

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