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Nasze realizacje w sektorze budowlanym

Client: Live Trakway

In use: varioMAT 3

Installation on behalf of Live Trakway with the varioMAT 3. 200 pieces of our floor protection plate varioMAT 3 have been installed on an area of 1200 sqm.

Client: Enaco Energieanlagenbau

In use: varioMAT 2 and varioMAT 3

On behalf of TWF Germany, we assembled 1100 square meters of building road in just 1.5 days.


In use: varioMAT 3

In this project our panels were used for soil protection and optimum traction.


In use: TT Panel

TT Panel on the A44 motorway on behalf of STRABAG for driving onto the construction site and securing the construction machinery.

Client: ROTEN

 In use: VarioMAT 2

Construction sites Access routes created on behalf of ROTEN on a construction project near Berlin.
400 sqm with our VarioMAT 2.


Client: Thyssenkrupp

In use: Vario F

Construction project in Central Germany. We laid an access road made of heavy-duty slabs to provide optimum traction for the project and the construction site vehicles.


Client: TWF

In use: MRS Heavy

Our heavy duty panel MRS Heavy was used in India for an international customer on a large construction site.

Rotec Berlin

Client: Hering Sanikonzept GmbH

In use: varioMAT 2 und eMat

On an area of 1,100 m², the sensitive surfaces (marble and solid stone) were protected from the transport of a heavy-duty crane and a transport vehicle. The construction area is located in the centre of a housing area in Stuttgart.

Kleh Systems

Client: Kleh Systems

In use: Vario F heavy duty plate 3.000 qm

For the construction of a solar park near Halle Bernberg, the access road was optimally secured by the panels, so that the construction vehicles for the installation of the solar panels have an access path and sufficient traction.

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